About Me

Lezli Robyn Aussie Flag MaskLezli Robyn is an Australian genre author and Assistant Publisher of Arc Manor, who has moved to the United States, where she lives with her blue-eyed mini-Dachshund/Chihuahua named Bindi (which means “little girl” in several indigenous Australian dialects).

Ever since she was young, Lezli and her twin sister devoured science fiction and fantasy books, often sharing their books to double their reading pool. That love blossomed into collecting signed first editions and centuries-old hardcovers of the classics, vintage typewriters, and chocolate in any form. After going on eBay to buy a signed Anne McCaffrey book, she met her future collaborator, Mike Resnick, who helped her discover that penning science fiction, fantasy, horror, and steampunk stories was even more thrilling than reading them.

396450_3154416039679_1153059796_nSince her first short story sale to Clarkesworld, Lezli has sold fiction to professional markets around the world, including Asimov’s and Analog. In 2009 she was proud to become a finalist for the Australian Aurealis Award for Best SF Story, and finalist for the 2010 Spanish Premio Ignotus Award for Best Foreign Short Story, as well as a finalist for the 2010 Campbell Award for Best New Writer. In 2011 she won the Catalan Premi Ictineu Award with Mike Resnick for Best Translated Story, for “Soulmates”, and they won the award again in 2014, for their short story “Benchwarmer”.


Lezli has collaborated with Mike Resnick on several books, including Soulmates (a collection of their previously published short stories), which was published in 2016, When Parallel Lines Meet (along with Larry Hodges), which was also published by Phoenix Pick in 2017, and Sistemes Operatius Alternatius (Alternate Operating Systems), a Catalan language collection of their award-winning fiction “Benchwarmer” and “Soulmates”, alongside a solo piece of Mike’s, “Barnaby in Exile”. On the Mechanical Wings of Dreams will be published by Hadley Rille Books in 2019, followed by her first solo short story collection, Bittersuite, which will be published by Ticonderoga Press. Lezli is also about to start working on an instructional children’s book with another yet-to-be-revealed author and TV producer, helping children deal with being afraid of the dar , and will be working with Paris Cullins (a DC/Marvel comic artist/writer/creator) on a charity project, when the stars align in the right order.

After making her book sales to Phoenix Pick, Lezli was hired by its parent company, Arc Manor, in 2016 to be Assistant Publisher, which encompasses the science fiction/fantasy magazine, Galaxy’s Edge, and the romance magazine, Heart’s Kiss, the later of which she co-edits with Tina Smith. In between work and completing the books she has listed above, and writing romance under the pseudonym Petronella Glover, she is writing her first sf novel, which will be looking for a home around the end of 2019.


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