Upcoming Convention Appearances

2017 Convention Appearances

as Genre Author & Assistant Publisher

for Phoenix Pick, Galaxy’s Edge & Heart’s Kiss

February 17-19, Boskone (Boston, Massachusetts)

March 22-26, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA) (Orlando, Florida)

April 6-9, IPBA Publishing University (Portland, Oregon)

May 26-29, Balticon (Baltimore, Maryland)

September 1-4, DragonCon (Atlanta, Georgia) CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS!

October 6-8, Capclave (Gaithersburg, Maryland)


A Media Kit will be prepared soon, but if you wanted to invite Lezli to your convention, feel free to drop her a line here:

2016 Convention Appearances

February 19-21, Boskone (Boston, Massachusetts)

February 26-28, Mysticon (Roanoke, Virginia)

March 18-20, Lunacon (Rye, New York

March 24-27, Norwescon  (SeaTac, Washington)

April 8-9, IBPA Publishing University (Salt Lake City, Utah)

April 29-May 1, RavenCon (Williamsburg, Virginia)

May 27-30, Balticon (Baltimore, Maryland)

July 7-10, Readercon (Boston, Massachusetts)

August 17-21, Worldcon (Kansas City, Missouri)

August 26-28, Bubonicon (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

September 2-5, DragonCon (Atlanta, Georgia)

October 7-9, Capclave (Gaithersburg, Maryland)

October 27-30, World Fantasy Convention (Columbus, Ohio)

December 5-9, Sail to Success Cruise (Bahamas!!!)